Product Highlight - FOCUS ROLLER

October 10, 2018

This uplifting formula is perfect for students or if you find yourself in an afternoon slump, unable to get your mojo.


The Focus Roller has the woody scents of Rosemary and Patchouli with uplifting aromas of Lemon and Lavender. This formula is great for students or if you find yourself in an afternoon slump at work.


Rosemary has been used traditionally for centuries, not only as a vital ingredient for boosting the immune system and treating colds and flu, but to aid with mental clarity and memory. Have you ever wondered why Rosemary is so significant on Remembrance Day? Not only is rosemary found growing on the shores of Gallipoli, but it is widely used to improve memory. Quite fitting when we consider that such an historical day, should not be forgotten.


In Chinese Medicine, Rosemary (Mi Die Xiang) enters the Spleen Channel, which is associated digestion, concentration and thinking as well as housing the spiritual intellect (Yi).  A 2012 study found that students exposed to Rosemary aroma had improved speed and accuracy.


Patchouli (Huo Xiang) has been used traditionally in Chinese herbal formulas for digestive issues and topically in antifungal/antibacterial formulas. However, because it also enters the Spleen Channel, it has the properties of moving dampness which clouds the mind and concentration.  A chemical analysis showed a key active component of Patchouli is diacetone alcohol which when inhaled in the form of essential oils, is known to be a sedative. We all know how much better we can concentrate when we are calm!


The Lavender (Xun Yi Cao) is widely used in both Eastern and Western herbal medicine for its calming properties. Studies have shown the Lavender oil has positive effects on psychological wellbeing. In another study completed in Japan, found that concentration levels of workers increased, especially in the afternoon tired phase, after inhaling lavender oils.


The last herbal oil in this formula is Lemon (Ning Meng). In Chinese herbal medicine, the properties of lemon enter the Liver & Gallbladder channels due to its sour flavour. It’s cooling nature calms internal heat generated by stress (which in turn disrupts Liver and Gallbladder function). We’ve all felt the uplift in mood and clarity when inhaling citrus aromas and it’s a perfect complement to the whole formula.


So whether you are having trouble maintaining clarity when studying or working, or if you just need a lift in your mood, my FOCUS ROLLER is perfect for you.



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