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Where it started

Where it started...


I have my daughter to thank for the idea of producing my own herbal products. From the time she was a baby, I've given her massages and used acupressure to sooth and calm her. As with many babies she also had cradle cap and infant eczema. 

My research as a parent led me to realise that many products contain nasty ingredients such as petrolatum and parabens. So I turned to my experience as a Chinese medicine practitioner to develop and craft my own formulas of herbal products that can be used by the whole family. 


ACM Herbal balms do not contain any petrochemicals or preservatives so they are great for the skin and better for the environment.  The cold pressed oils of Black Sesame Seed and Hempseed have been chosen as key ingredients, as they’re both extremely high in essential fatty acids & antioxidants. Medicinal herbs such as Calendula, Chamomile, and Red Sage are infused into the formulas with high quality essential oils.


The ACM Herbal hand-crafted herbal tea range has been carefully formulated with the properties of Chinese herbal medicine in mind. Herbs used traditionally for calming the mind, aiding digestion, or boosting the immune system have been used to give excellent herbal dynamics. These teas are more than a great tasting brew.

Hop into my shop right now to learn more and to place your order of natural hand-crafted products.

Product List
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Bedtime Brew herbal tea blend
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