Relax Roller 15ml


These conveniently sized high quality applicators allow the herbal oils to be applied on specific acupuressure points, which can then be massaged.


The roller formulas take advantage of plant and resin oils which have been used in both traditional Chinese Medicine and Western practactices. The Lavendar and Frankincense oils are highly concentrated which need to be correctly and safely diluted, so in these rollers have been formulated specifically in fractionated coconut oil. The provides a smooth liquid, which is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy residue.


The rollers are supplied with a take-home card of recommended Chinese Medicine acupuressure points, to massage the oils into.

  • Safety & Precautions

    • External use only
    • Do not apply to the face
    • Avoid sensitive areas
    • Do not use under 2 years old
    • If irritation occurs wash area immediately and discontinue use
    • If irritation continues seek advice from a qualified health practitioner
    • To preserve oil integrity, replace lid after use and store in a cool place
    • The Acupressure points listed are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and do not replace Western medical diagnosis
    • If symptoms persist, consult your qualified health practitioner